Introducing Adelynn Grace

Sweet baby girl Adelynn Grace made her debut on October 10th weighing 7lbs 14oz and measuring 20 inches long. She was 6 days late but I will take that over the 10 days her brother made us wait! 

Labor started light at 9 pm on the 9th and ramped up around 3am. We headed to the hospital and checked in at 10.30. We got to our room and did the usual vitals and having the IV put in then Aaron went back to the car to get the bags and to find some food. Soon after he left the pain intensified and my water broke. I immediately text Aaron to get back to the room just hoping he would be there before they put in the epidural! Thankfully he made it just in time.

I was planning on having a natural birth but the pain reached a high point and all I could think was “This isn’t even the worst of it!” So when the nurse came back I asked for the epidural. Part of me is sad I didn’t have an unmedicated birth but part of me is just happy to have our sweet girl here. My experience while in labor the first time with Cooper had scared me into never wanting an epidural again. But this experience was actually pleasant all things considering! The level of pain from the contractions was something I had never experienced before, but as soon as that medicine kicked in I was able to chit chat with Aaron and Janell. We only had to wait a couple hours before miss Adelynn arrived. By 2.45 we were holding our beautiful baby girl. After our experience with Cooper’s birth (5 days in the hospital after a LONG induction) we were extremely grateful for a quick labor and a healthy baby. 

Since Adelynn was born in the afternoon Cooper and Grammy were able to come meet her right away. Cooper was very sweet and said “hi” to little miss but was more concerned with mom being in bed with a “booboo” (my epidural hadn’t warn off and I couldn’t walk yet) He gave Adelynn her little Jellycat bunny and Adelynn gave Cooper his Big Brother present, an adorable Jellycat elephant and a set of cars from his favorite movie Cars 3.

After Grammy and Coop went home Ryan came to visit and so did Krystal and Claire and baby Jules. 

The next day Gigi and Papa were able to come visit after driving up from Oregon. Adelynn instantly stole their hearts! They brought Cooper again and this time he gave Adelynn a kiss. He was very happy to see Mommy up and walking around, he even thanked the nurse for “fixing Mommy” it was so sweet. 

We were able to leave the hospital the next day by 3. So nice to only spend one night in the hospital! Those beds are NOT comfortable and the little bench for Dad to sleep on was even worse. 

We are overjoyed to finally have Adelynn here with us! We can’t imagine our lives without her now!

Pumpkin Patch 2017

Walter’s Fruit Ranch 2017

A Weekend Away Before Baby Number 2

When I was pregnant with our son I heard of this thing called a “Babymoon” at that time life was just too busy to get a weekend away. This time around we talked about taking a camping trip to Yellowstone just the two of us or possibly going to explore Glacier but with the amount of days we had it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead we decided to stick closer to home and go to Elsie Lake again in Idaho. It’s a pretty short drive, a beautiful location and a big plus, cell service if I went into labor! We invited a few good friends to join us for the weekend and also brought Cooper because well we just love camping with him and didn’t really have a sitter! Thankfully camping always makes for a pretty tired toddler so he went to bed early and we still had plenty of adult time around our campfire (propane since there is always a burn ban this late in the season). 

Of course we always have to make a trip interesting and this time it was truck trouble. We made it all the way up the forestry road to Elsie Lake when our truck decided to not go into gear. Instantly we thought the transmission had gone out from the way the truck was acting but after closer examination of the engine it turned out to be a wire that was fried. The wire was probably placed wrong when the new engine was installed (or simply overlooked) Anyways Aaron was able to make it work temporarily with the help.of our friend Ryan and we were able to drive it home. Thank goodness because man it would have sucked to get it towed out! 

After all the car excitement and setting up camp we were able to spend a few days fishing and relaxing with friends. It was such a great way to close out pur camping season! With little miss arriving in October I don’t see Fall camping happening this year!

 Father’s Day at the Portland Zoo

For Father’s Day 2017 we went to the Zoo with Gigi, Papa and Uncle Kevin. Aaron was in Yellowstone with Uncle Ryan, Uncle Matt, Uncle JJ and Mike enjoying some fly fishing and manly bonding time.
We had a great time seeing all the animals, eating elephant ears, running around the lawn, and just having family time. 

Some of Coop’s favorite animals were the crocodiles, giraffes, and elephants. I had to bribe the kid to leave the crocodile exhibit and for weeks after he was asking to look at pictures of the “crocdiles” on my phone! My personal favorites are the big cats but we didn’t get a chance to see the lions or cheetah. Hopefully next trip.

The pictures are blurry because of the super low lighting and an overly excited 2 year old! But I love the picture of his little face next to the croc.

Gigi helped Coop get a better view of the elephants.

Getting a picture with a wiggly 2 year old is nearly impossible! Out of 20+ photos he was looking at the camera for exactly 1! 

This trip to the Zoo was especially fu because so many of the animals were right where we could see them. 

Our trip the the Portland Zoo was a vreat way to spend Father’s Day.

Car Adventuring 

Some weekends we are craving to get out into nature but a hike or fishing just isn’t in the cards. Sometimes Cooper just isn’t having it that day and needs needs a good long nap or in last weekends case I’m feeling some extra pain from being pregnant and can’t handle a long hike.

On days like that we pack some snacks throw the kid in the car and just drive. We try new roads or old ones we know we will see wildlife on. We get out at view points and just take it all in. Aaron will occasionally get to put his line in while Cooper naps and I just read and enjoy the quiet. 

These days are great little escapes from our busy lives. Not the same as a good hike but we still get a little dose of mother nature to calm our minds. 

Love these back country roads

Scouted some potential fishing spots for when the river slows down a bit.

We picked the wrong road. We tried to clear this tree out with the help of a group of ATV riders but a jeep coming from the other way said they couldn’t make it to the falls because of bad roads. We decided to turn around.

Checking out the “hippos” hiding in the river! Love this kids imagination!

Stopped for a bit to run around and fish.

Lead the way little man

Found some elk!

Saturday at No Name Lake

Last Saturday we spent a family day at No Name Lake. Normally this lake has a great little beach for kids to play on and a nice gradual water depth, but this time there was no beach to be found. The water levels were supposed to be down but the lake was still very high. 

We found a small grass patch between some trees where we could set up for the day and do some fishing. Cooper immediately started playing in the very cold water. There is just no keeping him out of the water even when it’s freezing, so instead of fighting it (and repeating “stay out of the water!”) we just come prepared with extra towels and several sets of clothes including shoes. This time Aaron made us a camp fire so we were able to warm up and dry some of our wet clothes. It made me want to go camping!

While we were playing in the water and exploring the woods we had our “fishy poles” in the water waiting for a bite. We managed to catch 2 trout that Cooper was very excited for. He loves to hold the fish after we catch them. I can’t wait till he catches his 1st fish on his own “fishy pole”

Overall it was a fun day out in nature. It wasn’t exactly as planned with a late start, no beach and freezing water but we made the most of it ended up having great family time. It was a perfect little mini adventure.


Cooper Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

We are so very excited to announce baby number two will be here early October 2017!

Our wonderful friend Janell  ( JW Photography) took some adorable announcement photos for us. She did an incredible job considering Cooper was NOT having it that day! He didn’t want to sit where we had originally planned, refused to read the book and had no interest in smiling nice for the camera. But somehow she managed to get some good pics of my very frustrating child! 

Cooper looks so worried! Haha He doesn’t understand yet what “big brother” means or that there is going to be a baby maybe by the time he is 3? We will see.