What We Are Using While Social Distancing

*This post contains links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Since we are all stuck at home for social distancing I thought I would share a few things that keep our kiddos entertained. Most of these are items are for indoor entertainment because when the kids are outside they don’t need very many toys to keep them occupied.

Stay healthy and stay sane! We can do this!

Educational Fun

We love this alphabet set. It comes with multiple of each letter which is really helpful when writing sentences. Plus the bright colors are fun.

Mazes are always fun! I prefer to get books of mazes instead of trying to draw them myself. I’m not sure I even could draw one!

Lacing beads was a big hit when my kids were really young and now we have progressed to lacing cards where they can try different patterns. I like the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Lacing Cards so we can work on fine motor skills and our letters at the same time.

Cooper is obsessed with puzzles I am pretty sure we have a stock of 25+ at this point. Our favorite brands are Melissa and Doug and Ravensburger These have been some of our most used.

Another fun activity is using Melissa and Doug Reusable sticker pads to tell a story. The kids will pick out stickers, arrange them and they will either tell me a story or I tell a story about what they created. This definitely gives my imagination a workout! I am not a natural story teller!

If you haven’t introduced your kids to magnetic building tiles yet you really should! I wish I had had these as a kid! Magformers is my favorite brand but there are a lot of other options on Amazon.

And of course we always have art supplies on hand. Markers (my kids prefer markers), coloring pads, water colors, construction paper, scissors glue. All the things.

Outdoor Fun

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? We have stocked up on this stuff! Normally I buy Crayola because I like the colors best BUT Crayola has been consistently sold out for awhile so we ordered this set instead.

BUBBLES! What more do I need to say? We LOVE bubbles around here. We have used many different Bubble guns and bubble machines and these have been our favorites. Now the bubble machine is definitely more expensive then the guns but we have found it to be an amazing addition to our outdoor play! We even take it camping since it can run on batteries! And don’t forget the bubble solution!

Now technically water beads are not just for outside but I find clean up to be so much easier when we use these on the deck. Since they are biodegradable if they roll away I don’t stress about it. Also this bag makes a TON of beads. I ordered this 2 years ago and we haven’t used them all.

I put the water beads in a long clear storage bin (the kind that slides under the bed) and each kid has a set of Learning Resources Fine Motor Tools As a disclaimer I will say I did super glue the purple and glue pieces together when they first arrived. Now we have had them 2 years and they have never broken.

This fold up tunnel has been a huge hit! It works inside or outside for obstacle courses and just playing in. A great addition to this tunnel is a set of cones to run around or jump over.


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