A Weekend Away Before Baby Number 2

When I was pregnant with our son I heard of this thing called a “Babymoon” at that time life was just too busy to get a weekend away. This time around we talked about taking a camping trip to Yellowstone just the two of us or possibly going to explore Glacier but with the amount of days we had it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead we decided to stick closer to home and go to Elsie Lake again in Idaho. It’s a pretty short drive, a beautiful location and a big plus, cell service if I went into labor! We invited a few good friends to join us for the weekend and also brought Cooper because well we just love camping with him and didn’t really have a sitter! Thankfully camping always makes for a pretty tired toddler so he went to bed early and we still had plenty of adult time around our campfire (propane since there is always a burn ban this late in the season). 

Of course we always have to make a trip interesting and this time it was truck trouble. We made it all the way up the forestry road to Elsie Lake when our truck decided to not go into gear. Instantly we thought the transmission had gone out from the way the truck was acting but after closer examination of the engine it turned out to be a wire that was fried. The wire was probably placed wrong when the new engine was installed (or simply overlooked) Anyways Aaron was able to make it work temporarily with the help.of our friend Ryan and we were able to drive it home. Thank goodness because man it would have sucked to get it towed out! 

After all the car excitement and setting up camp we were able to spend a few days fishing and relaxing with friends. It was such a great way to close out pur camping season! With little miss arriving in October I don’t see Fall camping happening this year!

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