Father’s Day at the Portland Zoo

For Father’s Day 2017 we went to the Zoo with Gigi, Papa and Uncle Kevin. Aaron was in Yellowstone with Uncle Ryan, Uncle Matt, Uncle JJ and Mike enjoying some fly fishing and manly bonding time.
We had a great time seeing all the animals, eating elephant ears, running around the lawn, and just having family time. 

Some of Coop’s favorite animals were the crocodiles, giraffes, and elephants. I had to bribe the kid to leave the crocodile exhibit and for weeks after he was asking to look at pictures of the “crocdiles” on my phone! My personal favorites are the big cats but we didn’t get a chance to see the lions or cheetah. Hopefully next trip.

The pictures are blurry because of the super low lighting and an overly excited 2 year old! But I love the picture of his little face next to the croc.

Gigi helped Coop get a better view of the elephants.

Getting a picture with a wiggly 2 year old is nearly impossible! Out of 20+ photos he was looking at the camera for exactly 1! 

This trip to the Zoo was especially fu because so many of the animals were right where we could see them. 

Our trip the the Portland Zoo was a vreat way to spend Father’s Day.

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