Car Adventuring 

Some weekends we are craving to get out into nature but a hike or fishing just isn’t in the cards. Sometimes Cooper just isn’t having it that day and needs needs a good long nap or in last weekends case I’m feeling some extra pain from being pregnant and can’t handle a long hike.

On days like that we pack some snacks throw the kid in the car and just drive. We try new roads or old ones we know we will see wildlife on. We get out at view points and just take it all in. Aaron will occasionally get to put his line in while Cooper naps and I just read and enjoy the quiet. 

These days are great little escapes from our busy lives. Not the same as a good hike but we still get a little dose of mother nature to calm our minds. 

Love these back country roads

Scouted some potential fishing spots for when the river slows down a bit.

We picked the wrong road. We tried to clear this tree out with the help of a group of ATV riders but a jeep coming from the other way said they couldn’t make it to the falls because of bad roads. We decided to turn around.

Checking out the “hippos” hiding in the river! Love this kids imagination!

Stopped for a bit to run around and fish.

Lead the way little man

Found some elk!

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