Saturday at No Name Lake

Last Saturday we spent a family day at No Name Lake. Normally this lake has a great little beach for kids to play on and a nice gradual water depth, but this time there was no beach to be found. The water levels were supposed to be down but the lake was still very high. 

We found a small grass patch between some trees where we could set up for the day and do some fishing. Cooper immediately started playing in the very cold water. There is just no keeping him out of the water even when it’s freezing, so instead of fighting it (and repeating “stay out of the water!”) we just come prepared with extra towels and several sets of clothes including shoes. This time Aaron made us a camp fire so we were able to warm up and dry some of our wet clothes. It made me want to go camping!

While we were playing in the water and exploring the woods we had our “fishy poles” in the water waiting for a bite. We managed to catch 2 trout that Cooper was very excited for. He loves to hold the fish after we catch them. I can’t wait till he catches his 1st fish on his own “fishy pole”

Overall it was a fun day out in nature. It wasn’t exactly as planned with a late start, no beach and freezing water but we made the most of it ended up having great family time. It was a perfect little mini adventure.


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