Cooper Is Two Years Old

Photo by our lovely friend JW photography

Our little man turned two on September 27th, and just like every other parent I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! This year was a busy year of learning and growing for Cooper James. He went from only saying a few words to talking up a storm and repeating EVERYTHING he hears, including some not so toddler appropriate things! Oops! At a year he was walking around but still wobbly, now he runs, jumps and confidently climbs on anything around him.

In the last year he has learned to do a few chores including helping with dishes, cleaning up toys and feeding the dogs. At times he loves to help and others he hates it, it’s all a process right? One of his favorite things to help with is cooking. Coop loves to sit on the counter and add spices to our dinner or help make his morning toast. Of course it usually means more of a mess for mom but he loves it so much I can’t help but give in when he asks “Up momma? Help?” then he stares at me with those blue eyes. I just instantly want to give him everything he asks for! I’m going to have to work on that as the wants become bigger! Toast, toast and  a messy kitchen I can do.

Another big development is his obsession with cars and dinosaurs. It developed slowly and then one day we recorded “Cars” and it was all over. For months every day all he would ask for was “Cars momma?” that was until he saw the “Good Dinosaur” and “Dino Train” Now it is Dinos driving around the house in his trucks. This kid is all BOY! But I guess that is to be expected when his dad was a crazy little kid and his mom was typical tomboy playing Jurassic park in the dirt.

Coop’s second year of life was full of love and laughter, fun and adventure. Here’s to the next year being even better for our little man!

Photo by our lovely friend JW photography 

Photo by our lovely friend JW photography


Photo by our lovely friend JW photography


Photo by our lovely friend JW photography


Photo by our lovely friend JW photography

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